Mumbhai Cover 2D_resizeA well researched true crime book based on Mumbai Mafia and it’s activities in the last 60 years. It features a very rare and exclusive photograph of Mafiosi boss Dawood Ibrahim. First photograph after 1986 of Dawood from his Karachi home.

Book published by Vani Prakashan.

Number of pages – 300+



MumBhai Returns

Mumbhai Returns Cover 2D_resizeSequel of book MumBhai. Part of 5 books series. This also covers many untold stories of Mumbai underworld. It features a very rare and exclusive photograph of Don Ali Budesh aka Baba Bahrain. First photograph of Ali Budesh. Even our investigative and intelligence agencies don’t know his face.

A book by Vani Prakashan.

Number of pages – 350+



Khel Khallas

Khel Khallas Book Cover 2DBook based on true & trilling life and times of Mumbai underworld lords, lieutenants, contract killers who lived with bullets and died with bullets. Top stories of criminals, who shot dead by encounter squads of Mumbai Police Crime Branch. These dons and gang members once roaming in the country with guns and cause of psycho fear for many years. Once they are opposite side of the guns, they were shot and game over or Khel Khallas.

Book Published by Story Mirror

Number of pages – 150

On the stands since 15th July 2017


Bombay Bar – Chitke To Fatke

Book based on true & interesting stories of Mumbai bargirls including a stage artist, who has been thrown in to prostitution business in Dubai as a bargirl. There are 13 very genuine and true stories of bar dancers and waitress, who lived in Mumbai with pain and sorrow. Heart throbbing story of a eunuch, who is dancing in the Mumbai bars is unique feature. This is an original thought and created in the form of storytelling. Book will be published by prominent publication house of India. (Cover image for representational purpose only.)

Number of pages – 250+

On the stands since 15th July 2017




Samhita Manhc Ke Chuninda Natak 2017

A book based on drama competition by Being Association orgnisation under the name of Samhita Manch. Best 4 drama selected in the process and compiled in a book. Book edited jointly and publication house Story Mirror launched the book in the second week of August 2017 in Samhita Manch Drama Festival.

Number of pages – 200+

Published on 15 August 2017



Novel based on full feature film Adrishy. The dialogs of the film were written jointly with Mraharashtra Hindi Sahitya Academy Story Writing Award 2017 winner author Ms. Alka Agrawal, hence the novel is. It’s a unique feature of the novel that authors of two different streams worked together on this literary work. The story revolves around a nuclear family and their problems. The film is shown in many film festivals and won awards. A book by KK Publications.

Number of pages – 150+

Will hit the stands on 29th July 2018


Underworld Ke 4 Ikke

A book based on top 4 Mafiosi bosses, who just not shaped the Mumbai underworld but in true manner, they primed it.  They are Lallu Jogi, Haji Mirza Mastan, Kareem Lala & Varadrajan Mudliar. This is a rare, true & interesting facts based life stories and details of Mumbai Mafiosi bosses. It covers not only their life and works but exposing untold stories too. The book features Lallu Jogi, who is bigger gold smuggler and don of the times and has his story unfolding interesting stories. He is true mentor of not only Haji Mirza Mastan but most dreaded don Dawood Ibrahim too. First book in Hindi language by two generation of crime reporters. The book is co-authored with Mr. Baljeet Parmar, a veteran crime journalist of our times. This book presents life and times of all four crooks of Mumbai, who shaped the underbelly. A book by Rajkamal Prakashan. (Cover image for representational purpose only.)

Number of pages – 300+

Will be on stands in 2018


Underworld Bullets

Underworld Bullets Cover DesignA book based on rare, true & interesting facts about Mumbai Mafia. It covers almost all underworld dons & their cronies and their untold stories since 1945. This book features Lallu Jogi, Haji Mirza Mastan, Kareem Lala, Varda Bhai, Dawood Ibrahim, Ali Budesh, Arun Gawli, Chota Rajan, Chota Shakeel… and few unknown goons of times. Book will be published by Vani Prakashan. (Cover image for representational purpose only.)

Number of pages – 400+

Will be on stands in 2018